Joanne has a background of teaching and practising martial arts, always having had a very active lifestyle.

After beginning to explore yoga several years ago, Joanne fell in love with the practice.

Joanne is known for her authentic, non-judgemental teaching style and compassionate philosophy. Passionate about holistic wellbeing, exploring the mind and body connection and having a love of fitness.

Joanne continued to explore classes, workshops and retreats to grow her practice. Joanne is experienced in teaching classes, 1-2-1 sessions and workshops. Wanting to share yoga with others, helping them with physical fitness through asana (postures) and flow, while facilitating a mindful experience, using the breath to benefit the mind.

Joanne believes the more we can practice the art of yoga on the mat, the more we can benefit from it off of the mat and in our daily life. Reducing stress levels and becoming more present in the way we approach our lives.

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