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Cat-cow - Yoga Taunton

This post looks to go into the Yoga poses Cat-Cow into a little more depth and raise awareness of its many benefits –


Cat/cow poses are a beautiful and relaxing way to warm up and gently flex through the spine.

You can connect the breath to your movement to help reduce stress and increase relaxation. Inhaling into cow, rolling the pelvis forward, filling up the belly with air and bring the gaze up to the sky. In the top picture you can see the nice long spine, creating space between the vertebrae. Then exhale rolling the pelvis up, sucking the belly button towards the spine and pushing up through the hands to get a nice stretch in the shoulders, dropping the chin to the chest. I like to stay in these poses for a few breaths or a retention (holding the breath in or out). It is so important to keep the spine healthy and flexible, it impacts on out posture, the way we carry ourselves and all parts of the body.


Some of the benefits include

  • a great way to warm up
  • reducing stress
  • improving awareness of the body
  • relieving back pain
  • strengthening the abs
  • improving flexibility in the spine, neck and shoulders
  • stretching the hips, back, chest, abs and lungs


Have a try, maybe close your eyes, tune into the body and breath through your cat cow for a holistic experience, enjoy, namaste

Joanne Lawrence

Joanne Lawrence

Welcome to Yoga and Well-being with Joanne, at Yoga in Taunton where we share Yoga with with our members and help them with physical fitness through Asana (postures) and flow, while facilitating a mindful experience, using the breath to benefit the mind

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