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Downward Dog - Yoga in Taunton

This post will give a bit more insight into Downward facing dog, one of the most known poses in Yoga (the one you tend to see in all of the movies!)

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Downward dog, three-legged dog and knee to noes. This little flow will help improve flexibility and build strength. It’s a really nice way to increase your heart rate and improve fitness too. Yoga offers a holistic practice for both mind and body. A lot of people find yoga because of the benefits to fitness and the physical aspect. Whether you practice yoga for the holistic benefits or the physical, I really feel that through the practice of asana (poses) the body can impact the mind, just as the mind impacts on the body.

You can consider this when thinking of the breath and stress. When we are stressed our respiration rate increases. If you’re able to slow down the breath, by taking slower deeper breaths, this can reduce your stress levels by calming the amygdala and balancing the nervous system.

When practicing flowing yoga, such as vinyasa classes we can increase the heart rate, releasing endorphins and this also impacts on reducing stress hormones.

Whatever yoga class, yoga teacher or yoga practice suits you, enjoy! We are all different beings, with different needs. Your practice is your own and as yoga teachers we are simply here to guide you through your practice. Namaste

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Joanne Lawrence

Joanne Lawrence

Welcome to Yoga and Well-being with Joanne, at Yoga in Taunton where we share Yoga with with our members and help them with physical fitness through Asana (postures) and flow, while facilitating a mindful experience, using the breath to benefit the mind

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Joanne is known for her authentic, non-judgemental teaching style and compassionate philosophy. Passionate about holistic wellbeing, exploring the mind and body connection and having a love of fitness.

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